RE: Lem and the singularity

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Thu, 16 Dec 1999 21:46:23 +0100

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> From: john grigg
> I have only read one novel of Lem. I forget the
> title but the main
> character was an astronaut who returns to Earth
> after having been gone for
> centuries. He is seen as a dangerous throwback
> in a world where everyone
> has been "treated" to be nonviolent. I remember

That was "Powrot z gwiazd" (the original Polish title - don't know how this has been named in the English edition, probably "Return from the stars" or like that); the hero was a guy called Hal Bregg. Not really the best of Lem's books.

> I knew of Lem's stature but never got around to
> reading any more of his
> books though I enjoyed the one I did read. I was

You might be interested to take a look at the translation that I started about two years ago of one of Lem's most important books, "Summa Technologiae", which is a great collection of early >H ideas:

Unfortunately, it has never been translated into English, and I didn't get very far in my attempt (and to make things even worse, my English isn't especially superb, so the style might sound funny from time to time, which isn't Lem's fault :)
Anyway, a few sections are there, and plans to translate more. Enjoy.


P.S.: As a bonus (?), there is the first chapter of yet another untranslated book of Lem, "Dialogs".