Re: Y is it so? And will sex for fun survive?

Octavio Rojas Diaz (
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 15:59:01 -0600

> > But as I said, I am no expert on the subject; I am just reporting what
> > I and others have noticed. By "poor" short-term memory, I mean that I
> > could spend an hour helping them go over some subject matter, and the next
> > day they would not remember that they had even talked to me about it.
> > Long-term memory seems fine, though.
> Sounds like they have problems with their hippocampi; what you
> described sounds very much like weak anterograde amnesia.
> Overall, drugs that affect the monoaminergic modulator systems for a
> long time are not very nice.

I agree, I think we need more of this kind of data, actual scientific research to educate our population, instead of the goverment scare tactics that just contribute to more drug use