Why does Robert Bradbury make scientists nervous?

Natasha Vita-More (natasha@natasha.cc)
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 07:25:20 -0800

At 07:24 PM 12/14/99 PST, John wrote:

>I read about you in "Wired." Making respectable scientists sweat huh?

Robert Bradbury probably made that panel "sweat" because Robert is broadly intelligent and informed about an array of technologies/sciences pertaining to superlongevity. I think this is why the author of the article mentioned extropians in this light. At first blush one might one fully comprehend what is being said, but I believe it is complimentary of Robert. Did you know that Susan Sontag (famed critic of the 1960s and about to make headway again in a book by Annie Lebowitz) was once said to "make coffee nervous"? :)

>So if I go to the next Extro conference I am going to be one of many Larry

Here again, another inside "Wired" comment. At Extro3, the editor of one of Larry Flynt's publication was in the audience. I've been to Hugh Hefner's mansion (the zoo was really spectacular. The women were beautiful and the men gorgeous but conversation was lacking) and to Larry Flynt's offices (excessively ornamented with carpets, gigantic vases, and huge paintings with elaborate gold frames).

> I'd rather be a Hugh Hefner.

I'll take the animals, a Persian carpet, but I'd still rather be an Extropian!