Re: To Jeff Re: purpose of AIs

jeff nordahl (
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 00:42:14 PST

>Robert Owen wrote:
> > jeff nordahl wrote:
> >
> > > Can someone please explain their motive for creating an AI in the
> > > place.

>I wrote this response to your original inquiry on 12 Dec l999 knowing that
>long visionary thread was bound to follow. Has it answered your question?

There have been many answers. All of the intelligent and imaginative response has been educational and enlightening. I'm still pondering, however, whether AI's could actually be more intelligent than us, maybe faster (billions of times faster) thus calculating and processing data that would currently take us life times, but intelligence seems to be determined by our own human belief systems. We would still pose the questions for the AI to solve and interpret it's findings. I hold quality of life and maximum longevity (as long as it remains quality) as my highest priorities. If an AI could serve these better, I say 'Hell yeah!,' but if AIs encroach upon the quality of my life (by stating that the most inelligent action is to kill myself, or enslaving me, or even making me feel like an inferior being) What's the point? If Frankenstein curiosity is the motive for creating AI's, then the analogy of the racoon who who can't let go of the object of curiosity comes to mind. He won't let go and pull his paw from the jar of nails even when the hunter approaches with a loaded gun.

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