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Spike Jones (
Tue, 14 Dec 1999 22:05:20 -0800

>2 or 3 minutes and replied: I do not like this notion of freezing embryos.

> J. R. Molloy wrote:What happens to the light from a light bulb when you turn off
> the electricity? Ooh! Very mysterious. Not!

It is absorbed, just like the leaves absorbing the cold. You see, the winter is very cold, but in the spring, leaves start to come out on the trees. The leaves absorb cold. Therefore, the weather begins to grow warm. The leaves continue to grow, and absorb more cold all throughout the summer, but eventually they are full of cold, and then they begin to turn colors as a result. They eventually die and fall from the trees, so full of cold are they. At that time, they release into the environment all the cold that they had soaked up all spring and summer, and this causes the weather to turn cold again. spike