Immortality and AI [Was Re: purpose of AIs]

Clinton O'Dell (
Tue, 14 Dec 1999 07:45:16 -0800

>>How do you want to use (non-sentient, I assume) AI to become immortal, btw?<<

I have a hypothesis that consciousness is nothing more than memory exchanges in the brain along with a pattern matching and pattern searching (guessing what will come next) processes.

My guess is when the brain stores information from sensory stimulation they are stored together by time with some parts of memory having a greater relevance to others, so one doesn't associate a hand movement with a sound as easily as they might with sound and sight.

The idea is by studying the interactions between these associations I can create a self-aware AI. Once that is accomplished then I can begin work on sight, sound, etc. interfaces with my AI "brain". Then I will create a robot that uses this brain and study its effects. Because the robot uses a brain that relies on associations for reasoning just as we humans do it will learn language, be self-aware, and be able to communicate its thoughts with me.

>From there I can replace parts of my brain with robotics, or I can reroute signals from my brain into my AI brain interfaced with an avatar in a virtual world.

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