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Anders Sandberg (
13 Dec 1999 14:29:00 +0100

"Waldemar Ingdahl" <> writes:

> Unfortunately you that just read the website will miss an important part of
> BIGV. Anders' eminent GameMastering of the chronicle. Anders gave us, the
> players, the freedom to break the rules and create our own world. That is
> why so many of us players have invested so much time in helping Anders with
> BIGV. It really felt like OUR Big Ideas, Grand Visions, not particularly
> Anders. Few, all too few GameMasters have that degree of trust and the
> wisdom to allow their players to do so. Anders allowed us to change his
> world, and to put our mark on it. That is what made the chronicle so great.
> Thanks Anders!

And thank you! I think you are right, BIGV is very much a collective work even if I did most of the writing and rendering. The trickiest thing when being creative is to not only "jump out of the system" of previous thimking, but to do it in a different fashion than the way one usually does. Having a gang of creative people constantly coming up with their own ideas, testing them against mine and each other, makes it much easier to come up with things one would never have come up with before. I don't think I would ever have thought about AI currencies without you.

Just to get this a bit more on-topic, I think this also relates to why scenario planning works so well. Having a number of people telling a story about the future enables the creation of a complex and believable future.

> "Long for the next Gun Pride Day and Paradigm change"

Gun Pride Day is the first day in week 39 every Atlantean year, so you will have to wait 11 weeks and two days (if my calculations are right) to show off your new replica AI Kalashnikov. As for the paradigm, it will change when Henrik gets enough experience points to go up a level :-)

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