Re: Holography

Skye Howard (
Sat, 11 Dec 1999 12:05:29 -0800 (PST)

*nods* yeah, I'd heard about the whole hologram degradation thing... it would be interesting if the system were holographic on some levels, backed up on others.... the MOST important information existing everywhere independantly... the semi important stuff on holographic systems... things that are finer in working and can't work around noise- programs or applications of some kinds, possibly, might exist in a few places, with just extra backups...
What sort of warnings might an intelligent being have that it's server was about to crash?
Would escape be allowed? Would their attempts at escape be hampered by anti-viral mechanisms and security?
Would some of these in turn lead to specialised, government supported, internet data storage "safe houses" or something of the equivalent that sentiences could flee to?
How much would emergency self-storage cost and would the people in the net be expected to foot the bill, or people outside- loved ones, family members, etc.,... or would the government do it?
How might this effect taxes?
How many layers to such a system would you need? How independant of the physical structure could data become?
What kind of interaction would the intelligent being have with it's server? Could it control it's own escape? Could it warn people outside if this were not so?
Anything in that general field of questions...

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