Re: A case for the eradication of unmanned Mars missions
Sat, 11 Dec 1999 07:03:13 EST

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> Jeff, I did an experiment about 12 years ago at China Lake.  We had

> a centrifuge, 2 meter radius. I and some guys were arguing about
> what would happen if you put an egg in a bucket of water in the
> centrifuge, would it sling to the bottom or continue to float? I argued
> that if the eggs were floating in 1 G, they would float in 100 G.
> I bought a dozen guppies, put em in a plastic thermos bottle,
> put the bottle in the centrifuge and spun em up to 100 g for 10
> minutes. When I stopped, all the fish were still alive, but were
> swimming in a spiral pattern, like a well-thrown football. {8-]
> Please dont turn me in to the animal rights people. {8^D spike

I just KNEW this was the kind of thing my tax dollars were paying for in those super-secret high-tech installations in the desert!

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