Big Ideas, Grand Vision

Anders Sandberg (
11 Dec 1999 03:31:46 +0100

Now I can officially unveil the website for my science fiction scenario "Big Ideas, Grand Vision". I think many list members will enjoy it even if they don't play roleplaying games; it has everything from anarcho-capitalist planets to jupiter brains, from hedonic engineering to anti-sexual clone families. As well as AI-currencies, civilisation hacking and philosophical weapons of mass destruction.

Yes, it is a typical Anders project that got out of hand and grew into a big website :-) In this case I think it can act as a good way of introducing transhumanist concepts into more conventional roleplaying.

(If I can devote as much time and energy as I have spent on this to more serious pursuits, then I ought to be in the Blue Hall this time next year to receive my Nobel prize ;-)

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