Re: qualia

John Clark (
Fri, 10 Dec 1999 12:58:26 -0500

jeff nordahl <> On December 10, 1999 Wrote:

>Qualia to me seems to be the experiencing of our own neuro-chemical

So chemical reactions are warm and fuzzy but electrical reactions are cold and logical? It doesn't seem likely.

>(programmed and learned) that are launched by various perceprions.

If an AI doesn't also have that ability how on earth could it be intelligent? Hell, even today's programs can do that.

>would rationing out electricity as treats like we do with fish when training
>dolphins be a motivator?

Yes, of course it would.

>what would we use AI's for anyway?

A much better question is, what would AI's use us for anyway?

>Qualia is a distraction to getting the job done!!!

The job random mutation and natural selection wanted to get done is survival, if qualia is just a handicap to that then why did evolution give it to me and perhaps to you too?

                  John K Clark