!!! A millennial madness Moment

Natasha Vita-More (natasha@natasha.cc)
Thu, 09 Dec 1999 22:23:22 -0800

At 08:04 PM 12/9/99 -0800, Robert wrote:

>Natasha is right, we need a schedule -- who will call whom
>who is willing to talk to the collective "whoms" at specific
>timepoints (if you don't have a cell-phone, get one, I can't
>think of anything other than a life threatening emergency that
>would justify it more).

I just had a flash of the Academy Awards a year or so ago when Sharon Stone had to come with an impromptu fill-in and said, "Let's have psychic moment." It was hilarious. (Well, at least everyone did connect in laughter at the same moment -:)

>(Of course we also want a failsafe or two to deal with the
>problem that people get lost due to circmstances beyond
>their control and we start clammoring that the world is ending....)
>Damien.... Damien, can you hear me?... DAMIEN ARE YOU THERE?...
>Oh, Eb tvoyu mat', hello, can anyone hear me...
>Robert, this is John, we still hear you fine here, but we
>seem to have lost LA.
>Anders here, *REALLY*, you mean to say that we might have
>really *lost* LA!?! ... "ODIN", oh god of gods, let me never
>doubt you again for granting my wishes that that Luddite
>Creation Zone be sucked up into the tar pits. Natasha
>and Max, if you can still hear me..., Bygones. It may
>be cloudy and dreary here, but I *did* send you an
>invitation to the party.

It's faint but your not as far off as the Mar's mission.