Re: Uploaded memories

Spike Jones (
Wed, 08 Dec 1999 19:34:56 -0800

Kate Riley wrote:

> The question is what happens a billion years down the road, with a
> billion years worth of memories, at the increased clarity which will most
> likely be desired...

You *assume* it is desireable to remember *everything*. But if we could not forget we would go crazy [er]. If we had access to very long lives, we would want to forget in some way, otherwise we run the risk of boredom.

Consider the artform where a number of square photos of something like flowers are placed in a grid whereby they form another larger picture, such as Princess Di. Viewed up close, flowers. From a distance, Di. Seems like we could arrange a number of these larger pictures into a grid until they form yet another larger picture which could only be percieved at a still larger distance. Likewise we could zoom in to the flower photos and find that they too are made up of pixels which are themselves complete photos of something else, such as birds, these in turn being made of something else.

May our uploaded memories ever perceive new pictures as we recede thru eternity, ever losing the ability to recall at some level of detail, but being compensated with new layers of meta-understanding. spike