Re: True Immortality [was Re: Uploaded memories]

Ken Clements (
Wed, 08 Dec 1999 10:28:02 -0800

"Michael M. Butler" wrote:

> >I've addressed this in the MBrain architecture in what I call
> >"photon loop" storage. You store the data as circulating photons
> >rather than atoms.
> Once again proving there're few things new under the sun... This data
> storage medium gives me a Euell Gibbons twinge of reminiscence... "Reminds
> me of the taste of those good ol' mercury and magnetostrictive-rod delay
> lines from 'way back..." :)
> "If reality gives you delay, make delay lines." --I can use this motto at
> work right now, to improve my multitasking. Thanks!

Don't laugh, the nanotube may turn out to be the rod delay line of the future. Phonons going down one of these can have wavelengths that are orders of magnitude shorter than photons. Remember that your hard disk is a set of data tracks that each look like serial delay line memory (while it is spinning). I once owned a G-15 computer that used tracks on a magnet drum as serial delay memory, in which the bits had to be read and restored every rev to get them around a small patch of the surface that was the "fast" memory.