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Tue, 7 Dec 1999 20:13:52 EST

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<< That thought had actually occurred to me. But if you forget the names -
"capitalism" and "socialism" have changed in meaning between our time
and theirs - and look at the power groups favored, the contrast still holds. Transhumanists may be "capitalists", but it's not the kind of capitalism that's comfortable for the captains of industry. It's the modern, individualistic, Silicon Valley capitalism where old companies are always dying, and new ones taking over; where the "labor" not only isn't controlled, it gets stock options. The Nazi industrialists would have hated it.

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Too right about labor not being "controlled" and getting stock options. The line between capital, management, and labor needs to break down, in my opinion. We all need to be venture capitalist entrepenuers working together to our joint enrichment. It's that "all" part that I think would have especially irked the nazis.

Glen Finney