Re: MOVIE: "Abre los Ojos"

D.den Otter (
Tue, 07 Dec 1999 01:01:49 +0100

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> Anyone heard of or seen the Spanish-language film enttled "Abre los Ojos"
> ("Open Your eyes")? I'm told it deals with cryonics and virtual reality.
> It's a 1997 production.

Haven't seen it myself, but here's a fairly extensive review:

>From another site (
"The sci-fi element of the story is not large, and only really comes into towards the finale. All in all, a mind-bending bit of suspense from Amenabar".

So it's probably a fun movie (good reviews all around), but not especially relevant in a transhumanist sense.

Saw a movie lately (forgot the name) about an AI, composed of various serial killers and other nasties, that "accidentally" got a nanotech (blue slime) body and killed a bunch of people (both in the real world and in VR). Sounds all very transhuman, but boy, did it suck ass!