Re: COPY: Re: Stasism/Dynamism

Lee March (
Sun, 05 Dec 1999 19:25:28 -0600

Cynthia wrote:

> As far as I can see, credit card companies don't care diddly about how much
> money you have in the bank. I remember being turned down for every credit
> card I applied for, until I stayed at a single job for an entire year,
> despite the fact that I had 20K in the bank.


A good point, a steady job history is the single biggest factor for most applications for credit. Only a net worth far above average will get you new credit if you have no job history.

My post was more to do with interest rates that are charged once you have credit. Also 20K in the bank does not in itself mean someone has a positive net worth or is credit worthy. Not refering to you, but people applying for credit in general.