Re: Tech: Wired article about cold fusion
Sun, 5 Dec 1999 02:20:10 EST

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> One thing that was a little disturbing about the article was the account of
> how the scientific and R&D community seems set against even a moderately
> funded investigation of what is an undeniably interesting and mysterious
> physical phenomenon. What's described in the Wired article seems well
> looking into.

Its still a scramble for funding and maintaining one's career, I bet. So the bench scientist stays with what he or she knows and goes for the more likely research area to have a payoff; rather then the long-shot. They might get more funding in the area of 'muon-catalyzed fusion' which does have a solid model in nature. However, far be it for me to whizz on an new area of 'over-unity' phenomena. Yet, the funding issue!