how extraordinary the people of the future may be...

john grigg (
Sat, 04 Dec 1999 22:21:35 PST

Hello everyone,

Spike Jones wrote:
>Suppose we do manage to get 50 billion well fed and well cared-for
>humans alive simultaneously on this planet. Imagine every >extraordinary
>person you know, and think of having 10 like that >person. For every
>Eliezer, every Anders, every Bradbury and Gina >Miller, this old rock would
>have *ten persons like that one*. This would indeed be a fun place to

By the time this planet has a population of 50 billion well cared-for people the average intelligence and educational level through technological intervention will be such that for every one extraordinary person you know now... there will be thousands then!! The very specialness of the very intelligent and curious individuals might on this list could be lost in a future world where so many have the same traits. I think we live in a special period of time where we can truly appreciate people like them.

I understand your point of the exciting nature of a world filled with people you only can meet in large numbers at an Extro! This future world will be a great place to live but it will mean even more to us having lived through these times. We will be in a position like no others to appreciate the wonders of the future.


John Grigg

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