Re: biological changes to make humans able to adapt to space

Zeb Haradon (
Fri, 3 Dec 1999 23:13:58 -0800

>And does vacumn have a tempeture? Is the "fridgid depths of space' real or
>bogus holiwood meme?

I think that it does - the faster the molecules are moving, the higher the temperature - no molecules = no movement = very cold. This was my initial thought, but now I am wondering, what molecules are there to absorb the energy off of my rapidly moving molecules, thus freezing me? I'm not sure.. but I know that somehow space is considered "cold" and acts cold. Craft sent to mars have been engineered to survive frigid temperatures.

>What is the tempeture of a vacumn? how come it keeps my coffee hot in the
>Would sweat in a vacumn cool you?
>EvMick <------thinks cooling might be more of a problem in space than