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Harvey Newstrom, Author, Consultant, Engineer, Legal Hacker, Researcher, Scientist, and self-confessed "egotistical bastard", wrote:

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> > |Homosexuality occurs in a certain percentage of rats, dogs, pigs,
> monkeys,
> > |dolphins, goats, sheep, and lots of other species. Some monkeys who have
> > |been taught sign language have engaged in homosexuality, prostitution
> > |(negotiating food for sex), and lying about sexual behavior and eating
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> > What definition do you use for ``homosexuality''?
> The studies usually define any homosexual activity as falling under this
> category.

I wonder what the significance of the omission from this discussion of women who are homophiliac, of men and women who are "bi-sexual", "transsexual" or "androgynous" might be.

You see, the "homo-" in "homosexuality" is derived from the Greek word "hom-" [combined form "homo-"] which simply means "same" (literally "one and the same"), "similar" or "alike". It is NOT derived from the latinized "homo" which means "man".

The discussion also, as noted, treats "homosexual" as the logical opposite of "heterosexual", which makes the conceptual analysis of "bisexuality" difficult. Now "heteros" in Greek basically means "other". I would, thus, be more inclined to oppose "heteroeroticism" and "autoeroticism".

Psychoanalytically, of course, this presents a difficulty: namely, the composition of individual autoerotic fantasies. But overlooking this, I find the most remarkable distinction to be between those who seek the company of others to achieve mutual gratification of erotic wishes, and those who ouroborically must or prefer to avoid interpersonal contact when they attempt to achieve erotic satisfaction. Clinically, this contrast is useful, because autoerotic individuals tend to suffer from narcissistic or schizoid personality disorders, or sometimes simply from "Inadequate Personality".

In other words, the socialization of "polymorphous perversity" results in "co-itus", the varieties of which are legion. And, as I noted earlier, all of these are "medically" normal.[1] To see what happens erotically when a massive ego-decompensation occurs with total regression, visit any nursing home and observe patients with senile psychosis or organic brain syndrome. I am very sorry to say that terminal Alzheimer-type dementia typically produces behavior that is so humiliating to the family that I am heart-broken, and I fervently look forward to an effective treatment for this disorder in the near future.


[1] It is, conversely, important to emphasize that the consequences of this or that form of coitus may be medically significant, not only with respect to sexually-transmitted diseases but to urogenital trauma.

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