Re: "homosexuality" vs. "homosexual identity" (was Re: "natural")

Fri, 03 Dec 1999 13:13:36 +0100

It appears as if Michael M. Butler <> wrote:
|I can't claim to speak for the author of the comment, but My_ reading of
|his meaning is closest to your (c): to wit:
|his "homosexuality occurs" is used in the technical, narrow behavioral
|sense of "same-sex sexual acts are observed to take place".
|Try re-reading it with that meaning and see if your evident ire dissipates
|at all.

Unfortunately a number of units use the term to mean ``sexual orientation''. By using the same term to point at different concepts add confusion to an already muddled issue.

|He's not talking about the animals moving in together or getting bashed in
|the Castro by yahoos from Fresno ( :) for the clue-impaired).