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> > we aughta make a subgroup of extropians who have toyed
> > with the idea and are favorable to experimenting with Borganism.
> I'm not really sure what Borganism is.

Well, my problem as well. So I did some rush research:

[1] BORGANISM: 1) An organization of formerly autonomous beings who have merged their individual wills to create one, collectively conscious being; 2) The social and political theory that advocates the creation of borganisms.

[2] "Borganism arose on late 20th century Earth as a response to the widely-held perception that human individuality had become impractical and unnecessary. Advocates of borganism ("Borganists") initially came from the ranks of individual humans dissatisfied with their low-bandwidth connections to other humans. "

My studied response was -- WHY would anyone want to submerge their individualities in a collective cyborg? But a little more investigation has indicated that Anders has worked this out by having the best of both worlds. He confesses:

"I have always wanted to do a lot of things: to learn to write calligraphy well, to develop huge artificial life simulations/universes, explore the Earth and the universe, teach and interact with children, compose grand symphonies, invent better ways to think and perceive the world, cook and eat delicious food, gather information into useful patterns, dedicate myself to studies in the occult, medicine, theoretical physics, nanotechnology and... Obviously I can't do all this..."

BUT WAIT: "The solution seems to be borganisation. If I could create/ become a copy-clan where each individual was an individual derived from me, and at the same time was linked into a kind of collective consciousness where skills, experiences and ideas could flow freely, then I could do everything (well, almost everything; I would have to wait for the Far Edge Party..."

Naturally, many questions arise, like WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? all apart from obscure details like "Far Edge Party" and "copy clan" etc. But I'm sure there must be some explanation; perhaps I will check out, the Official Headquarters of the The Aleister Crowley Foundation. You must start somewhere, after all. If all else fails, we could ask Anders.

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