Re: Retro humor [was Re: transplant progress...]

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> > Never, never, never sacrifice the stories. In the final analysis
> > all we've got that makes us unique is collections of good stories.
> > (Our skills we can change, our appearence we can change, the underlying
> > genes and even the hardware we run on we can change, but the stories
> > remain our own.)
> >
> What he said.
> I met up with a trucker some years ago. He said exactly the same thing.
> ....only he said it in shorthand.
> "It doesn't matter if it's true or not....what matters is if it's a GOOD
> STORY".....and he had some good ones.
> Every day's an adventure...
> EvMick

The only difference between a fairy tale and a war story is that one starts out "Once upon a time, in a land far away," while the other goes, "No shit, there I was, thought I was gonna die!"

But most of my war stories are actually true- I don't have enough imagination to make up this stuff.

(Remind me to tell ya the one about spinning out of control in freefall at 900 feet with two floating ripcord handles...)

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