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<< Maybe. I wouldn't see much point in making a human mind in an octopus
though, I assume, such a mind would still be different -- in much the same way people who drow up with some major difference (being very tall or short, blind or deaf, e.g.) would add a distinctive new shade of _human_ being. However, given the paranthetic remarks, there might be moral concerns about this. After all, some might think a human mind in a nonhuman body might be akin to crippling fetuses for the sake of making crippled children.


Daniel Ust >>

A human mind in an octopus body is a bit more extreme than what I had in mind. I was thinking more of a merging of human (or should that be posthuman?) and octopod brain architectures. The body I imagine could stay more or less the same (just adjusted to support the increased brain size).

Glen Finney