pleasure in prison....

Rob Harris (
Thu, 2 Dec 1999 14:58:52 -0000

>That wasn't put by Eliezer, but by me. My point is that
>killing yourself (permanently) is stupid because it robs
>you of a potentially infinite amount of "pleasure points"
>(pleasure being the interim meaning of life because all
>our goals are based on the pleasure-discomfort principle,
>the carrot and the stick). Why do we think that a certain
>action or goal is good? Because it makes us *feel good*.
>Therefore, the logical thing to do is to stay alive and
>be pleasured whenever possible until you find something
>more meaningful, if there is such a thing at all.

>Sure, people will kill themselves in difficult situations
>(and/or because their brains are out of balance), but strictly
>speaking this isn't rational, certainly not in this day and age
>with its prospect of immortality and sustainable mood enhancement
>(among other things).

So you'd endure 20 years of daily butt rape in order to reap the "pleasure" of fish fingers for tea? The rational thing to do is to consider the options, not to adhere to dogma no matter what. Also - "brains out of balance"???? Oh dear.