Re: Uploads and betrayal

Eugene Leitl (
Tue, 30 Nov 1999 13:50:22 -0800 (PST)

Harvey Newstrom writes:

> Now for my heresy: None of the topics discussed on this list will
> dramatically change humanity, bring about more freedom or free time, or will

You fail to observe that some novel technologies (mostly nano) will be capable to change humanity for the very first time.

> result in mass deaths. We will adapt, and everything will stay the same
> according to human nature. Yes we have evolved a long way thus far, but the

Human nature won't soon be a constant, however.

> future will be the same only faster. We will use computers instead of
> camels. We will move planets instead of piles of rock. We will dispute
> rights to subspace quantum frequencies instead of freespeech. We will argue
> whether AIs have rights rather than race relations. Everything will be
> faster and on a grander scale, but basically the same. We will adapt to new

I would argue with the notion that a current hi-tech culture is "basically the same" as a hunter-gatherer community. We can understand them, after a fashion, but they not us.

> technology, just as we upgrade our PCs or game systems to a new version
> without much thought. A few weeks later, we forget how different the new
> system was, and go on with our lives.

It is difficult to go on with your life as before if there is a new player on the block, operating on a time scale 10^3..10^6 faster than you.