Re: Transhumanist Dictionary [was Re: Is vs. Ought]

Max More (
Mon, 29 Nov 1999 23:41:35 -0800

At 02:53 PM 11/26/99 -0800, Robert wrote:

>Now the interesting thing about this is that, if one has been
>following the discussions about types of nodes on the net
>there are "destination" (termination) pages and central
>"expert" pages (the terms typically used vary), but if we
>presume that there will be a high targeting rate for the
>"expert" pages as search engines learn to discriminate
>these, then it makes sense for us to define
>with definitions and lots of outgoing links to related
>pages that support our perspective.

If the dictionary gets going, in the form Robert suggests, I would be glad to see a web page on ExI's site to house it.