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>Consider this question: It is natural to say that the sun revolves around
>the earth; we refer to the "rising/setting sun" as if we believed that
>this was what was really going on. Why? Because it SEEMS like the sun
>revolves around the earth. But what would it seem like if the earth
>revolved around the sun? Similarly, what would it feel like if "red" WAS
>the objective movement of matter?

You're starting to lead into the real issue. I can draw you a diagram of an earth and a sun, with the earth revolving around the sun, explain how the earth rotates, draw a little stick figure guy on the surface of the earth, and explain, in a way which would be comprehensible given a little insight, how although the earth revolves around the sun, it seems the other way around since the earth is rotating. Nobody can currently give a similar description of consciousness. That doesn't mean it's not possible (although I have my suspicions). Maybe when we have understanding of it, we will realize that qualia is a confused term, referring to part of a phenomena, or several phenomena. I would say qualia is "what it seems like", or, if qualia only seem to exist and don't really exist, I refine my definition saying qualia is ""what it seems like" seems like".