Re: Dr. Adkins' Diet--Testimonial
Sun, 28 Nov 1999 12:56:41 EST

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<< Does anyone know: are there any species on this planet *other than* humans, who routinely die of complications related to overeating? spike >>

I don't know. However I've been watching some of the "nature films" over the holiday. Some concerning the Serengati Plains...and the Kalahari Desert. On the surface it appears that the other critters have a LOT more to worry about other than over eating. Like GETTING ate. Even the predators on top of the food chain still have that problem. I'm reminded in particular of a
"documentary" regarding Lions and Hyenas.

It occurs to me also that any other critter that would be in danger of experiencing "overeating" problems would be domestic animals. Domestic animals fall into two categories. Pets and everything else. The "everything else" category would be heavy on "food animals" feedlot cattle. They don't live long enough to worry about "over eating syndromes".

Possiby we would need to look at our pets? At first blush it would appear that pets live longer than their counterparts "in the wild".

Beats nickel's worth.

Austin Texas (recovering from ThanksGiving overindulgence)