Ketosis Kills Diabetics?

James Daugherty (
Sun, 28 Nov 1999 12:35:27 -0500

>The condition which damages diabetics is called ketoacidosis; it is not
>the same as ketosis. The underlying metabolic defects in a diabetic
>system lead to a metabolic derangment characterised by loss of pH
>control in the body; any system not plagued by these defects can adapt
>to ongoing ketosis.

James Asks: So it is not ketosis that kills diabetics?

James, a conspiracy theorist [and libertarian] for 30 years who never heard of Adkins (or is it Atkins?) until a couple months ago.

Yikes! Talk about mindless propagation of memes. The State propagates "anti-Conspiracy" memes to defend itself. A reasonable reading of history, try Will and Ariel Durant for instance, shows the history of States to be one bloody conspiracy against liberty after another.


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