I have a model of the world in my mind.

Max M (maxmcorp@worldonline.dk)
Sat, 27 Nov 1999 00:26:18 +0100

When I am in a room, and the ligth goes out I still know how the room is laid out, I can still manouver around in the room. I can walk somewhere and pick up something.

I have a model of the room in my mind.

I then use my senses to continuously update the model of the world which I hold in my mind. When I cannot see I listen or feel, and get a somewhat less complete model in my mind than I do with vision. But the model is still there.

I suspect that bats uses their sonar for similar purpose. They have a bad eyesight but good hearing. Their model of the world could be just as good as mine. In some cases it is no doubt better, as i can practically never hit a fly in the air which they do all the time for food.

Furthermore I can imagine what will happen if I walk thru the room and then stumble over the table. Therefore I am able to choose a different path thru the room.

I can simulate/make a scenario in my mind. Playing it out in my minds model. Therefore I can think and plan ahead.

I suspect that the the idea of having a consantly updated model of the world in my mind is a significant idea when it comes to AI.

When I cross that idea with the fact that I have a hard time beating the bots in Quake 3 who are running around in a model of a world, and the fact that it is allready possible to build 3D objects from 2 cameras to model a 3D world. Then I could imagine that if it would be somehow possible to get real robots to move around in the real world combining these three abilities.

A modeler for input and world building, and a simulator trying out different moves in the model before doing them in the real world.

But knowing me and all my other great ideas somebody brighter has probably gotten the idea sometimes in the sixties.

Does anybody know about research material among these lines?



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