objectivity and conceptualisation

Rob Harris (rob@hbinternet.co.uk)
Fri, 26 Nov 1999 15:35:13 -0000

>It may be (and most likely is) the case that certain moral facts are
hard-coded in our
>brains because they give us survival advtantage, but this is a completely
>different issue from whether these facts are objectively true or not.
>Believing something can give you a survival advantage even when such
>are false.

Oh, man. Someone who thinks like me at last! Yes, yes......doesn't this just make perfect sense - it's exactly my perspective on the subject. This idea stretches into many other "debates" that people are always wasting time having, chasing their tails trying to manipulate premises which are unsound on all sides. I have always been puzzled by the seeming inability of people at large to distinguish between arbitrary symbolic concepts and those concepts with a footing in reality. Well, now there are two of us.