more desperate self-glorification....

Rob Harris (
Wed, 24 Nov 1999 16:23:46 -0000

> > Unless we gain positve evidence, Fermi and Tipler are right.
> > We have met 'intelligent-life' and they is us.

> Distinctly possible, but saying it doesn't explain *why* that is
> the case.

Are you saying that Fermi & Tipler made this statement completely without qualification? This doesn't say much for anything else these people might come up with, especially as this statement would be perfect for the purposes of a desperate-to-glorify-humanity panic-artist.

>Perhaps Universe is so young that we are the first kids on the

Consider the number of stars in this galaxy, and then the number of galaxies in the universe, and then the fact that our galaxy is far from the most outward-lying (ancient). For us to be No.1 in this universe would be quite incredible luck. In fact, I'm sure I couldn't even write the odds in standard form and fit all the digits on all the computers on earth.