Re: ANNOUNCE: Announcement of new self-aware-AI mailing list
Fri, 19 Nov 1999 14:53:01 -0800

Fans of self-aware AI may be interested in following up on the trail established by AM and Eurisko, Doug Lenat's early programs for evolving heuristics useful in a particular domain of interest. Cyrano is a
"thoughtful reimplemenation" of Eurisko, by Ken Haase. (Lenat was one
of the his thesis advisors.) His PhD thesis describing Cyrano is online at

Haase's home page describes a distributed database for AI research called FramerD which he is giving away for free for research purposes. Maybe he would be willing to similarly share his Cyrano sources if you asked him. You could read the thesis first to see if it sounds like something which would be useful as a foundation for your AI.