Re: the evangelical mass media debating transhumanism...
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 08:44:57 EST

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> Ironically, this entire effort of theirs will lead to far greater exposure
> of extropianism. It could even backfire in that some adults and
> teens may find themselves attracted to transhumanism. But on the whole it
> will have a uniting effect on the flock which is a major desired effect of
> such endeavors.
> It is just a matter of time for these events to happen. It should be very
> interesting to watch them play out.
> Sincerely,
> John Grigg
John, the Ankerbergs, and the Teletubbie-bashing Fallwell's will only whack at Ttranshumanism & Extropianism if it plays in Peoria. Why should they abandon their focus on Liberals, Secular Humanists, Satanism and abortion; if they merely get puzzled shrugs from their flock with the focus on Extropianism? Most will have trouble even spelling Extropianism