Grossly Off-Topic: help needed with Eudora mailer

Damien Broderick (
Sat, 13 Nov 1999 14:04:04 -0800

Sorry for this, people, one of those `Anyone been raped and speak English?' questions.

I've just changed machine and [win98] OS, bringing myself at last into the late 20th century. Eudora has suddenly grown new muscles. I find that my clumsy spelling mistakes tend to do Horrid Things to my mail. It's the damnable keyboard shortcuts. Love the idea, hate what happens when I mistakenly hit Control-D instead of Cap-D and my entire fucking carefully-crafted two page letter vanishes two lines before I was about to queue it. Control-Z doesn't bring it back.

So: anyone know how to disable the shortcuts? (Yes, I've looked at the Help menu and FAQs and like that - no luck so far.)

Thanks, Damien