Re: nanotech timeline

Bryan Moss (
Wed, 10 Nov 1999 01:13:34 -0000

Spike Jones wrote:

> [...] Ive been asked to give a talk on short notice, (as
> in tomorrow evening) to an engineering society to which I
> belong.
> I decided to talk on nanotechnology.

I can see it now,

The guy before Spike finishes up his talk...

"...and that's how you measure the gloss of paint."

Spike takes the stand... the lights dim...


As the words role out of Spike's mouth the audience develops a mixed look of captivation and worry.

"...and then we upload into planet-size computers and figure out a way to escape into a baby universe with Tiplerian properties. Thank you, and goodnight"

It's good to be extropian.