Re; driving causes wrist problems

Amara Graps (
Tue, 9 Nov 1999 17:28:39 +0100

Spike Jones ( Mon, 08 Nov 1999 writes::

>Conclusion: in my case, the wrist problems are more related to
>driving than keyboards.

I don't believe that it's the specific activity that causes the dead fingers (extremeties) - it's _how_ you do the activity. It sounds to me that you may not be supporting blood circulation in your hands, and holding some of your upper body in a static contraction. Is it possible to ride your motorcycle in a more relaxed fashion- ease up on the grips (safely) ?

So about driving -

Certainly I made my RSI worse during my most injured years when I drove that beautiful Route 9 drive to Big Basin Park- curvey twisty turns, with my hands gripped ultra-hard on my car's shift handle and the steering wheel.

But I also can still excerberate my old injury by holding the hammers of hammered dulcimer instrument tight or by holding the handlebars of my bicycle tight for long parts of my bicycle rides.

My own experience from these last 5 years of learning about my RSI injury, is that once I taught my body new ways to move and carry itself so that muscles were not held static for long periods of time (breaks help too), the healing began. (Many other factors were involved in the healing process too.)

Take a good look at how you are moving and keep that blood flowing. It's really important. Maybe Biofeedback can show you some things too (in my opinion, it's the most efficient way to learn how to move differently and in a relaxed way.)

You can look at my RSI page too and see if there's anything appropriate for your injury (it's for computer users, but maybe you'd find some useful things on it):


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