Re: atheism

Damien Broderick (
Tue, 09 Nov 1999 13:27:39 +0000

At 11:21 AM 8/11/99 EST, the spudster wrote:

>Don't be surprised with every scientific discovery achieved, that it gets
>utilized by the religious, I mean, why not? Religion as practiced by the
>non-fundamentalist is a form of social inter-action, and also an "opiate" to
>quote Marx.

And also as a load of pompous pseudo-intellectual old codswallop.

A friend cites the New Testament:

And Jesus asked them, "Who is it that men say that I am?"

And the disciples answered, "You are the kerygma of our metaphysical grounding."

And Jesus said unto them, "Say *what*?"

Damien Broderick