Re: Nano in Texas? Request.
Mon, 8 Nov 1999 08:51:29 EST

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> I've had a inquiry by someone who has a interest in attending nanotech
> conferences in Texas. Although he doesn't know where any are. I've looked
> my calendar site, but saw nothing relevant. I thought perhaps someone on
> list could help me. Thank you,

There are two highly visible centers of significant activity relating to nanotech in Texas so far - at least based on my research and communication I've had with folks here and at Foresight on the Left Coast. The first I would list is, of course, Zyvex, in Richardson, Texas (just northeast of Dallas):

The big news at Zyvex is Ralph Merkle's new association with the company. I'll be seeing Ralph up at Zyvex next weekend.

The other visibly active center is at Rice University's Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology in Houston, where Nobel laureate Richard Smalley works:

(Isn't there always some basic rivalry between Dallas and Houston?)

Finally, there seems to be SOME kind of activity down at JSC (just south of Houston). There's a company that's hung out a cyber-shingle there called "Nanotechnology Development Company":

and a discussion group in the Clear Lake area (whose web site I can't seem to find this morning). However, after some publicity about "NDC" last year, I've seen no activity out of them and didn't get a response to an e-mail I sent to the Clear Lake group in the Spring. It seems the real center of NASA's interest and activity in nanotech is at Ames in Palo Alto.

Hope this helps.

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