Re: CFCs and ethics

Spike Jones (
Sun, 07 Nov 1999 22:38:32 -0800

Whoops sorry about the last repost without any new info.

Steve C. Dotson wrote:

> Spike, my friend (I hope):-)


> CFCs have utterly failed to provide any kind of practical ethical framework.
> 1) After over 2000 years of time to prove itself effective we are still extremely violent, lying dastardly, etc...

etc. Steve, Im not arguing that CFCs *make* people behave, just that it gives them a simple *arguement* that there is some reason to do so. Yes, true, CFC people are just as dastardly as us heatherns.

> 2) 80% of prison inmates espouse some form of religion. And they were beleivers before their arrests.

No surprise there.

> I think I would much rather trust someone who has "rassled" some of these ethical issues and grounded themselves in solid reasoned conclusions,

Ja, me too.

> So, I don't think I came up with a bumper sticker here, as you mentioned in your previous post, but I couldn't put it on my car anyway. (Darwin fishes in my area are an stimulus to vandalize)...

I have wanted a Darwin fish for some time, but havent gotten one yet. They have been around for so long I want a new twist. spike