speech recognition software... {8^D

Spike Jones (spike66@ibm.net)
Sun, 07 Nov 1999 12:39:20 -0800

I just got one of these new speech recognition products. This message is being generated on it area. I don't know how useful it is, that it is the coolest toy I
have received in a long time. I will send this message leaving the mistakes in their that it made. Notice for instance at the end of the second sentence the work area. And in the previous sentence to this one the word work should be word.

I'm having a great time of this thing. Spike

Team. As variant. The previous was supposed to be p. S.

This is l and h speech recognition software myriad.

It is the cheapest version. $30.00 including headset and microphone Darien. The biggest problem is in recognizing the word.. I do nut know what you would need to do to have it type out the work which means the dot at the end of a sentence myriad area.

This message was generated without touching a keyboard Darien Darien. Dot damnit!

It is not very dead at recognizing the word which means a dot at the end of a sentence.

It keeps thinking I'm saying Darien or area or myriad. Spike