Re: Nanotechnology in Mercury News

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Sat, 06 Nov 1999 18:12:18 -0800

At 10:51 AM 11/6/99 -0800, Gina wrote:

>>Another excellent article from Dan Gillmor at

Dan Gillmor's article "Nanotechnology: from science fiction to fact" touches on the area of nanotechnology that both Ralph Merkle and Robert Freitas have special interest in -- nanomedicine and extreme life extension. Robert's ideas are simply amazing.

"Some of the most intriguing, and certain to be controversial, uses of nanotechnology will be in the medical arena. The ability of tiny machines to repair damaged cells, among other feats, strongly suggests the potential for an indefinitely long human life span. The questions this raises are almost limitless."

>>The only thing of note that he missed was the release of Robert Freitas new
>>book "Nanomedicine", which I suspect is destined to become a classic.
>>Check out

Big miss!

Robert advised me on my talk at Extro 4 -- nanomedicine and how it relates to the potential nano enhancements of our current and future senses. He is simply amazing.

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