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                          Welcome To SETIWEB NEWS
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Issue 1 - November 4, 1999

My personal greeting:

Greetings all, I come in peace. Hi, my name is Tony. I have agreed to do this newsletter in the hopes of expanding the outreach of SETIWEB.ORG, and reaching others that may not have the time to surf message boards or web sites in search of relevant information. I hope to issue this newsletter on a regular basis, every two weeks, sooner if there is breaking news, or later if my non-cyber life dictates. Subscription info is available below. This is my first attempt at anything of this nature, so please bear with me. Suggestions are welcome.

I intend to keep the scope of SETIWEB NEWS fairly broad. Matters directly related to "the search", changes at SETIWEB.ORG, space science and other matters I feel fit, will be mentioned. UFOology is NOT suited for this forum. I will post links to interesting news articles and mention current discussions of interest at various forums. If you have anything you would like to submit, please let me know, and feel free to forward this to your friends. Thank you very much for subscribing, and happy hunting!

New stuff at SETIWEB:

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Seti@home News:

October 22, 1999 SETI@home has now accumulated more than 100,000 years of computer time, more than any other computing project in history! We have recorded over 85 million "candidate signals" (spikes and Gaussians) in our database, and we're preparing to start the second phase of analysis, which will search these candidates looking for "repeat events".

My News Picks:

*                                    Life Beyond Earth
*A two-hour special airing on PBS Wednesday, November 10, 1999*
*                       8:00 p.m. ET -check your local listings-
*                                   Mark Your Calendar!

New Galileo images reveal Hawaiian-style volcano on Io. A volcanic crater several times larger than one found at Hawaii's Kilauea volcano has been photographed on Jupiter's moon Io during a close flyby performed by NASA's Galileo spacecraft:
mission homepage: .

Mars Global Surveyor:
Images of solar eclipse on Mars

Mars Polar Lander Status:
October 30, 1999

NASA's Mars Polar Lander spacecraft successfully fired its thrusters for 12 seconds this morning to fine-tune its flight path for arrival at the Martian south pole on December 3.

Flight controllers said the spacecraft performed as planned and that preliminary data show the desired trajectory change was achieved. The thruster firing began at 10:28 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time. Previous thruster firings were accomplished on January 21, March 15, and Sept. 1. The next thruster firing is scheduled for November 30.

The landing site is located at 76 degrees south latitude and 195 degrees west longitude, near the northern edge of the layered terrain in the vicinity of the Martian south pole. The lander is now about 14.3 million kilometers (about 8.9 million miles) from Mars, traveling at a speed of 4.8 kilometers per second (about 10,700 miles per hour) relative to Mars. The spacecraft is about 228 million kilometers (about 142 million miles) from Earth, and has traveled along an arcing flight path of about 690 million kilometers (about 429 million miles) through space since launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on Jan 3, 1999.

NASA Task Force to Determine Evidence for Extraterrestrial Life:

Hubble homes in on black hole - amazing photos! Hubble shows galaxies in a tug-of-war: Hubble repair mission delayed again do to Discovery engine problem:

An image of Centaurus A captured by the Chandra X-ray telescope reveals what may be the after-effects of a collision between galaxies several hundred million years ago.

A planetary nebula in the making:

Eggs-ackly what are those things?
Astronomers are planning to build the worlds largest radio telescope, but it looks quite un-conventional:

New clues to mysterious Moon flashes:

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