ifeminists.com: 21st Century Feminism

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Thought this might be of interest, even though the feminism debate has died down.


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ifeminists.com: 21st Century Feminism
CHICAGO - With the opening of ifeminists.com today (http://www.ifeminists.com/) , the women's movement takes a giant step forward into 21st Century Feminism. In recent years, American feminism has come to be associated with anger toward men who, as a class, are viewed as the political enemy. Many feminists have attacked the sexual choices of adult women who enjoy consuming and posing for pornography. Others have called for the government to impose affirmative action policies and speech codes. Some feminists even want to ban new reproductive technologies that offer hope to infertile women.

"ifeminists.com smashes the feminist stereotypes," says Wendy McElroy, the
site's editor and an internationally recognized leader in the individualist feminist (ifeminist) movement. "A new generation of women are facing the millennium. They deserve a new feminist paradigm that celebrates the diversity of their choices and the wonders that technology can offer to them. ifeminists.com is an on-ramp to this new way of thinking about feminist issues."

"Freedom and choice do not threaten women. Government and orthodoxy do,"
says McElroy. "Pornography and prostitution? Let women do what they want to with their own bodies. Verbal sexual harassment? If women want an equal right to explore their own sexuality, they risk encountering the offensive sexual attitudes of others."

ifeminists.com invites women and men to come online to socialize, to learn, and to explore a wealth of information. The site offers an Introduction section that includes a "Frequently Asked Questions" page and an "Are you an
ifeminist?" quiz. For the activist, the Interaction section offers a directory of the site's members, an interactive message board, and a live chat room. For scholars and students, the Information section features a comprehensive and constantly expanding database of hundreds of individualist
feminist resources.

Visitors are invited to become members of ifeminists.com for free. Of the first 1,000 people to register during November, 200 will be randomly selected to receive a complimentary audiotape recorded by Wendy McElroy. Her
controversial speech critiques policies such as affirmative action and laws against sexual harassment.

ifeminists.com is a project of The Henry Hazlitt Foundation, a Chicago-based
non-profit organization that produces Free-Market.Net: The Freedom Network. McElroy is the author of books including "XXX: A Woman's Right to Pornography" (St. Martin's, 1995), and, most recently, "Queen Silver: The Godless Girl" (Prometheus, Dec. 1999). She has been published in magazines as diverse as National Review, Penthouse, and Marie Claire.