The Point: was(The Unfathomable)
Fri, 5 Nov 1999 02:42:39 EST

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> If you want to define your personal grief as a spiritual problem, fine,
> do it. I see death as a technological problem that is likely to be solved
> within the next half-century.
> Again, I challenge you to be straightforward in your questions and replies
> so that we might achieve some understanding. It is not enough just to try
> and piss atheists off.
> Steve

To be honest, I feel that the atheists who get pissed-off, under these generally, friendly circumstances of email exchanges, must feel challenged by anyone who is not an atheist. I cannot imagine why, if this is true? If I am foolish enough to believe in God and you don't; how does that adversely effect you?

Regarding this phrase "the holy hand grenade of Antioch" obviously you are not a Python fan, and the less said on that the better!

<As for Uncle Waldo:

<He is dead and probably decaying. He is irretrievable until somekind of Tiplerian <Omega Point. (which you can read about in Frank Tipler's book if you care to know <more about it).

I have read Tipler's "Physics" and his earlier work with John Barrow on the Final Anthropic Principle, I really did enjoy his work. However, Professor Tipler has been extremely, quiet, regarding his Immortality book, and I am not sure if any other physical scientist has signed on to his Omega Point theory. Quite the contrary, he seems to have been uniformly and harshly criticized. I have wondered if any of Professor Tipler's students have ever carried the baton forward regarding the Omega Point? Probably not.

So whether one is a theist, atheist, or agnostic; we are biologically all in the same boat of the good ship, mortality. How's that for closure?