RE: what would it take for a "bachelors in extropian studies?"

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Thu, 4 Nov 1999 17:57:42 -0800

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> I was wondering as seen in the form of degree requirements, what classes
> would a person have to take to get a "bachelors in extropian studies?"
> Would engineering be the foundation of this degree? How much philosophy,
> history, poly sci and sociology would be needed? And what about the
> biological sciences? A fine arts requirement possibly?
> I look forward to getting some detailed posts on this question.
> Sincerely,
> John Grigg

It would be nice to be able to study self-organizing systems without needing to be engaged in a post-graduate math or physics program. Or AI without needing a bullet-proof computer science and math background. Or cognitive neuroscience without a degree in biology, or psychology.

The technical nature of these subjects require substantial preparation. But by not addressing these topics at the undergraduate level, I think too much of the "good stuff" is saved 'til later and not many students get exposed to them.

I think there is plenty of material that could be reduced and simplified to an undergraduate survey level and integrated in a one semester - or even one year - class. This would doubly serve the purposes of exposing many more people to these fascinating topics, as well as presenting an integrative perspective that will benefit them in their later studies.

Any thoughts?

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