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Richard Dawkins on "Ideas and Issues" (WETS-FM) Hugh LaFollette, host. 30 minute radio interview from 1997. (RealAudio): http://dazzle.etsu.edu/extra/ideas/dawkins.htm

Hugh LaFollette's homepage, and Radio Show: Ideas and Issues http://www.etsu.edu/philos/faculty/hugh.htm http://www.etsu.edu/philos/wets.htm

"Cloning Debate" Screened on B.B.C.1 as part of the "Every man" programme. (1996). Text transcribed by Ian Hill (Thanks Ian!). Participants include Richard Dawkins, Grahame Bulfield, Sheila McLean, Lord Jakobovits, Donald Bruce. Chaired by Joan Bakewell:

BOOK OF THE MONTH: http://www.world-of-dawkins.com/bom_1999.htm

Featured book for November 1999....
"Evolution", 2nd edition by Colin Patterson Paperback - 176 pages 2nd edition (May 1999) Comstock Pub Assoc

Colin Patterson was employed in the Palaeontology Department of The Natural History Museum from 1962 until 1993. He held an 'individual merit' appointment from 1974. Though retired at the age of 60 he continued to work daily in the Museum until his sudden death in 1998.

Book description: Introducing the latest ideas on how life originated and diversified on earth, this new edition of a classic work provides a concise and engaging summary of modern evolutionary theory. The heavily illustrated book is intended for readers with little or no formal training in science and is an ideal introduction for students. Teachers of biology will also find the book a valuable reference text. Among the features of the second edition:

new chapters on neural evolution and gene evolution explanations of the latest theories on the evolution of humans extensive updates throughout, with emphasis on molecular evolution many new or updated illustrations
comprehensive coverage, clear and concise presentation

"THE GREEN ROOM with Dorian": http://www.wfmu.org/greenroom.html Listen to WFMU Live on the Web: http://www.wfmu.org/wfmu.ram Audio Archives!: http://www.broadcast.com/shows/greenroom/

08 November 99 - Physics

Alan Guth - MIT cosmologist returns to the program to talk about his inflationary universe theory and new evidence that it will prove to be correct.

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"...If 'God' is a synonym for the deepest principles of physics, what word
is left for a hypothetical being who answers prayers, intervenes to save
cancer patients or helps evolution over difficult jumps, forgives sins or
dies for them? If we are allowed to relabel scientific awe as a religious
impulse, the case goes through on the nod. You have redefined science as
religion, so it's hardly surprising if they turn out to 'converge.'"  

--Richard Dawkins