Re: The Unfathomable

Anders Sandberg (
02 Nov 1999 23:25:18 +0100

"M. E. Smith" <> writes:

> > I don't find it hard to imagine the SI one day
> > realizing "Aha! So that
> > is how it all works..." and then feeling a bit of
> > dissapointment (it
> > was rather trivial when you think about it) which
> > quickly turns into
> > the determination of creating something better,
> > something more
> > interesting.
> You misunderstand. My hypothetical SI was not trying
> to figure out how the universe works, but WHY.

Well, my above paragraph works in that case too. After all, maybe the universe doesn't have a *good* reason?

I'm reminded a bit of the civilization mentioned briefly in Vinge's _A Fire Upon the Deep_ that was created as a joke by a transcendant power. Maybe the universe is a bad joke? Maybe we want to escape into real literature?

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